About Us


The Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN) exists as a dynamic consortium of the University of Toronto and its affiliated academic hospitals to serve as a leader in Canadian health care by developing collaborative initiatives that optimize, advance, and sustain a shared academic mission of high quality patient care delivery, education, knowledge transfer, and research innovation.

    Advancing the Role of Academic Hospitals

    In order to advance its academic mission and the role of academic hospitals, TASHN actively engages in activities at the local, regional and provincial system planning levels to promote a better understanding of the role that education, research and academic hospitals play in providing high quality health care services.  TAHSN’s activities take on various forms, including:

    • Making recommendations on the role of academic hospitals in providing complex clinical care programs and the role of research in delivering them
    • Taking the lead in working with other providers to establish centres of excellence in clinical care, education and research
    • Serving as a resource for specific specialty areas and sharing evidence-based information and best practices in clinical care, education and research
    • Establishing partnerships that ensure that the role of academic health science centres is recognized and supported within health care communities
    • Actively responding to system policy directions and providing information on potential implications for patient care, education and research
    • Providing recommendations on the resources required to advance and sustain the academic hospital’s mission in the current environment
    • Developing recommendations relating to current health care funding, particularly for hospital, medical and university education
    • Examining alternate funding plans and how they can be integrated into current systems to support clinical care, education and research