TAHSN Practice Committee

Senior Friendly Community of Practice

In 2011, the TAHSN Practice Committee embarked on a collective Senior Friendly Initiative focused on the prevention of functional decline in hospitalized elders through establishing a TAHSN network of scholarship for Senior Friendly Care. Following a comprehensive review of existing senior friendly practices at TAHSN hospitals, the Committee established that all hospitals have embedded senior friendly care as a priority within their institutions, and thereby endorsed the 48/6 model as a best practice to inform future initiatives. Since then, a TAHSN Senior Friendly Community of Practice (CoP) has been formed, to provide a platform for an interprofessional group of clinicians and clinical leadership from across the TAHSN membership to brainstorm and share ideas, experiences, and best practices to further enhance the provision of senior friendly care in TAHSN hospitals. In the year ahead, the CoP will specifically focus its efforts on interprofessional team building, dementia and addressing responsive behaviours in seniors.

TAHSNp Innovation Fellowship Program

In 2014, the TAHSN Practice Committee sponsored the development of the TAHSNp Innovation Fellowship Program to advance academic practice and improve patient care across TAHSN hospitals. The Fellowship program provides point-of-care health professionals with an opportunity to improve patient care through the implementation of a quality improvement project while learning about leadership, change management and inter-professional collaboration. The TAHSNp Fellowship Program builds on the success of University Health Network’s Collaborative Academic Practice Innovation and Research Fellowship Program, which was recognized in 2012 by Accreditation Canada as an Innovative Leading Practice. For more information on the TAHSNp Innovation Fellowship program visit www.capfellowship.com.