COVID-19 Resources

The Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN), through its committees and member institutions, have developed guidance and resources to support academic health science centres in managing challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.  The resources below, from TAHSN and from health system partners, aim to support academic hospitals in pursuing high quality patient care, education, and research during this challenging time.

Academic Recovery Guidance Documents

TAHSN Framework for On-Site Education Activities
March 2022

A basic framework for TAHSN hospitals to guide and inform nimble decision making regarding on-site education activities while considering Infection Prevention and Control guidance and COVID-19 positivity rates within the organization.

Memo Regarding Research Opportunities at TAHSN Hospitals and Medical Student & Resident Electives
February 2022

Memo to Toronto Region hospitals and education institutions regarding clarification on research opportunities and electives.

TAHSN IPAC Guidance Regarding Movement of Staff / Physicians / Learners After Working on the Primary Team on an Outbreak Unit
Updated January 2022

Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) guidance regarding the movement of staff / physicians / learners from an outbreak unit to a different facility or non-outbreak unit.

Memo Regarding Outbreak Notifications and Guidance Regarding Movement of Learners
January 2022

Update for Toronto hospitals and education institutions regarding circulation of outbreak notifications and guidance regarding the steps learners should take when moving to a new unit/site as part of their clinical training.

General Framework to Guide Application of Ministry of Health's MRRP at TAHSN Hospitals
Updated January 2022

Guidance and framework for TAHSN hospitals in implementing the Ministry of Health's Medical Resident Redeployment Program (MRRP).

University of Toronto MRRP Principles and FAQ
Postgraduate Medical Education, University of Toronto

Principles guiding the U of T approach to the Ministry of Health's Medical Resident Redeployment Program (MRRP) and frequently asked questions.

Learner Expectations Regarding Work With Confirmed or Presumed COVID-19 Positive Patients
January 2022

Guidance to Toronto Region hospitals and educational institutions regarding the expectation that learners at TAHSN hospitals should expect to work in environments where COVID-19 outbreaks may occur.

Maintaining Hospital-Education Activities During COVID-19
Updated June 2021

Guidance to Toronto Region hospitals and educational institutions regarding principles and strategies to maintain and plan for educational activities, specifically hospital-based placements, during the COVID-19 pandemic and during anticipated recovery efforts.

Supporting Learners in Redeploying with Preceptors During COVID-19
June 2021

Guidance for Toronto Region healthcare and academic institutions related to the movement of learners with their preceptors, where necessary, to ensure continuation of clinical placement and to meet health system need as preceptors are redeployed to address challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learner Mask Fit Testing
Updated June 2021

Recommendations for Toronto Region Hospitals and Educational Institutions on approach to mask fit testing for learners during COVID-19.

Streamlined Onboarding of Postgraduate Residents and Fellows During COVID-19
May 2021

Guidance for TAHSN hospitals regarding streamlined onboarding processes for medical residents and fellows who are being redeployed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

TAHSN Hospital Based Academic Recovery Strategy & Guidelines
Updated April 2021

Guidance for hospitals and academic institutions in preparing for recovery of hospital-based academic activities (i.e. education and research), while ensuring the safety of staff, learners and patients.

Maintaining Hospital-Based Research Activities During COVID-19
Updated April 2021

Guidance to TAHSN Hospitals regarding principles and strategies to maintain hospital-based research activities during current and potential future waves of COVID-19 pandemic.

Learner Participation in the Care of Persons Under Investigation and of COVID Positive Patients
Updated March 2021

Recommendations for Toronto Region Hospitals and Education Institutions related to managing learner participation in the care of persons under investigation for COVID-19 and of confirmed COVID-19 positive patients.

Guidelines for Operationalizing Extern Programs
March 2021

Guidance for Toronto Region hospitals in harmonizing approaches to implementation of extern programs, with a particular focus on appropriately informing and supporting learners who choose to pursue extern roles.

Guidelines for Managing Learners with Placements Impacted by COVID-19 Outbreaks
November 2020

Guidance for Toronto Region hospitals and education institutions when managing learners whose placements are impacted by COVID-19 outbreaks.

Guidelines for Group Placements in Hospital
August 2020

Guidance for Toronto Region Hospitals related to conducting group placements during the COVID-19 pandemic and to inform collaboration with Educational Institutions.

Guidelines for Delivering Educational Activities in Hospitals (PPE and space)
August 2020

Guidance for Supervisors and Learners in Toronto Region Hospitals in delivering educational activities safely in during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically as it relates to personal protective equipment and physical space.

Vaccine Resources and Education

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy E-Learning Module

This module provides information on COVID-19 and the COVID-19 Vaccine. Developed by Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre for use by TAHSN organizations and partners.

Memo Regarding Tracking of COVID-19 Vaccination Status of Learners
August 2021

Memo summarizing the Guideline on Tracking COVID-19 Vaccination Status of Learners, for dissemination to Toronto Region Hospitals and their Education partners.

Tracking COVID-19 Vaccination Status of Learners
Updated August 2021

Guidance for Toronto Region Hospitals and Education Institutions on tracking the COVID-19 vaccination status of health professional learners and of instructors employed by Education Institutions and sent to Hospitals. This guidance has been updated to reflect Directive #6 on COVID-19 vaccination policy in healthcare settings issued by the government on August 17.

Sample Letter - Confirmation of Health Professional Learner Status for Vaccination Purposes
March 2021

Sample letter / template for education programs to adapt as necessary for the purposes of providing students verification of their status as health professional learners and supporting their eligibility for vaccination, where appropriate, as per provincial guidelines.

Building Vaccine Confidence: Supporting COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Health Care Workers
Ontario Hospital Association

A research brief developed by the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) providing an overview of the issues surrounding vaccine confidence, challenges to building confidence and outlining strategies that may assist in building vaccine confidence.

Maad'ookiing Mshkiki | Sharing Medicine
The Centre for Wise Practices in Indigenous Health

A virtual hub that provides culturally relevant and trauma-informed information about COVID-19 vaccinations for First Nations, Inuit and Métis. Developed by the Centre for Wise Practices in Indigenous Health (CWP-IH) at Women’s College Hospital in partnership with the Indigenous Primary Health Care Council (IPHCC), Anishnawbe Health Toronto (AHT), The Indigenous Health Program at University Health Network (UHN) and Shkaabe Makwa (CAMH).

COVID-19 Vaccination for Health Professional Learners: Principles and Considerations
January 2021

Guidance for Toronto Region hospitals and education institutions in fostering alignment related to COVID-19 vaccination for health professional learners.

COVID-19 Vaccine Education Guidance, Tools and Resources for Healthcare Organizations
January 2021

Guidance for healthcare organizations in supporting and encouraging COVID-19 vaccination education for healthcare workers. Developed in collaboration with 19 To Zero.

Vaccine Education and Resources for Healthcare Workers
19 To Zero

Information and resources curated by 19 To Zero, a national coalition of academics, public health experts, and other experts that advances understanding and education around COVID-19 behaviours and vaccination.

Understanding and Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy During COVID-19
American Pharmacists Association

Guidance and resources compiled by the American Pharmacists Association related to addressing vaccine hesitancy.

Learner Entry to Placement and Orientation

Learner Entry to Placement and Orientation Guidelines
September 2020

Guidance, tools and resources for Educational Institutions and Hospitals in ensuring appropriate preparation and orientation related to COVID-19 activities for learners who are beginning placements in Toronto Region Hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sample Learner Placement FAQ
August 2020

Suggested questions for hospitals to consider addressing when developing resources for learners on placement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

TAHSN Learner Orientation Guidelines and Sample Welcome Letter
TAHSN Welcome Letter Template (MS Word file)
August 2020

Recommendations developed by the TAHSNe Leaner Engagement Orientation Task Force to support an excellent student experience by providing timely and relevant information to learners before they start their clinical placement. The overall goal is to create consistent communication for learners across TAHSN.

COVID Curriculum for Health Sciences Students (ZIP file)
COVID Curriculum for Health Sciences Students (IMSCC file)
August 2020

These learning modules contain general information aimed at preparing learners to return safely to clinical environments based on guidance available as of August 2020. The modules were developed by the University of Toronto and shared with its permission for other educational institutions to download and adapt as needed for their learners.

Please note that the COVID Curriculum materials are provided as is, and it is the responsibility of those institutions who choose to use this content to ensure it is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the most up to date evidence and guidance related to COVID-19.

Teaching and Learning Resources

TAHSN Principles for Virtual Learning
April 2020

Guidance for hospitals and academic partners to identify and, where possible, provide opportunity for learners on placement to support virtual care of patients and families, and/or to complete other virtual learning.

COVID-19 Teaching and Learning Resources - University Health Network

Resources, tools and links for clinical preceptors/instructors who are considering or expecting a learner in the coming months following the pause in clinical placements.

COVID-19 Resources - Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Resources designed to support the needs of clinicians, faculty and other members of the CPD community.

PPE Training and Resources

Please note that policies related to PPE requirements and conservation during the COVID-19 pandemic may vary by organization. Please adhere to the polices and procedures of your local organization.


Donning & Doffing PPE – Full Precautions for Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures (AGMP) 
Michael Garron Hospital

Virtual PPE Orientation for Leaners
University of Toronto

Making the Best Use of PPE 
University of Toronto


Wellness Resources for Faculty
University of Toronto

A collection of wellness resources developed and curated by University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine to support faculty during the pandemic. Includes weekly webinars, tip sheets, a resource navigation line, and guidance related to a number of items including, for example, childcare and emotional support.

CMA Physician Wellness Hub
Canadian Medical Association

A collection of wellness tools and resources for physicians, medical learners and leaders to support wellbeing and facilitate change in the culture of medicine.

TAHSN Quick Guide for Physicians
March 2020

This quick reference document highlights several resources to support physicians during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Health System Resources, Updates and Outbreaks Information
Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto

Plain language questions and answers about COVID-19 management, testing, isolation and additional resources developed and curated by the Department of Family and Community Medicine at U of T and Ontario College of Family Physicians.

Outbreaks in Toronto Healthcare Institutions
Toronto Public Health

Most recently available data regarding outbreaks in Toronto healthcare insitutions, updated weekly each Thursday.  (To view most recent data, download the most recent year to date file)

Ontario Science Table COVID-19 Dashboard
Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table

The Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table is a group of scientific experts and health system leaders who evaluate and report on emerging evidence relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic, to inform Ontario’s response. Its website includes up to date statistics, scientific briefs, and resources related to the pandemic.

Toronto Public Health COVID-19 Portal
Toronto Public Health

Current updates, resources and guidance from Toronto Public Health related to COVID-19.

Peel Region COVID-19 Portal
Region of Peel Health Services

Current updates, resources and guidance from Region of Peel related to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Health System Response Materials
Ontario Health

Information shared with the Ontario health care system and generated by the COVID-19 health system response effort.

OHA Updates on the Novel Corona Virus
Ontario Hospital Association

Information curated by the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) to keep members apprised of recent Ministry of Health updates regarding the novel coronavirus, and to highlight relevant resources for members.